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ManageWP Review (WPKube)

ManageWP is a powerful tool that lets you manage multiple WordPress sites in one dashboard. The company was founded by Vladimir Prelovac in April 2010 and accepted its first users a few months later. Around 100,000 WordPress sites were being managed with ManageWP when it had its worldwide launch in January 2012.

Today, ManageWP is powered by a team of 29 people and over 10,000 active users who manage over 280,000 WordPress sites around the world. Over 1 million core updates and over 50 million plugin and theme updates have occurred inside the ManageWP dashboard since its launch in 2012.

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Divi Theme Review (Design Bombs)

The Divi theme is Elegant Themes’ most popular, most powerful and arguably most beautiful theme to date. This theme is powered by the Divi Builder (our review), a page builder plugin that allows anyone to build well-designed websites using drag-and-drop elements. Let’s go over everything this theme has to offer.

This theme is jam-packed with features, but there are a few that are more noteworthy than others. They are: The Divi Builder: The Divi Builder is what makes this theme so powerful. This page builder plugin allows you to create unique page designs using drag-and-drop modules.

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How to Create a Custom Dashboard in Google Analytics (Elegant Themes)

Google Analytics s a free web analytics tool that lets you track various site statistics, such as how much traffic your site receives, where that traffic comes from and even how long people stay on your site before leaving. If you’d like to learn more about this tool and what it can do, check out our Google Analytics introductory post by Kevin Muldoon.

Kevin’s post teaches you the basics of everything Google Analytics has to offer. Be sure to check it out if you’re still new to tracking site statistics or new to Google Analytics in general. With that info fresh in your mind, we can move on to the subject at hand today. This post is all about creating custom dashboards inside of Google Analytics.

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How To Create Incremental Backups For Free With WP Time Capsule (WPKube)

WordPress backup plugins are becoming a saturated market in the WordPress industry, but they’re all different in their own little ways. Some back up your site automatically while others let you create manual backups.

Some are free while others are only available at premium prices. Variety is good, but new plugins really need to stick out if they want to make it in this saturated market. That’s exactly what WP Time Capsule intends to do.

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Kinsta Review: A Powerful Managed WordPress Host (Design Bombs)

Kinsta is a powerful managed WordPress host, and it’s becoming a leader in the industry when it comes to the best WordPress hosting for large businesses and professional developers. The company was founded by WordPress developer Mark Gavalda on December 1, 2013 and eventually recruited former Pagely executive Sean O’Brien to fill the position as Chief Operating Officer.

The team works all around the world. Its business of operations is headquartered in London, and a second office is located in Los Angeles. A few team members even reside in Budapest and Berlin.

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20+ Visual Composer Themes for WordPress (WP Mayor)

Visual Composer themes are WordPress themes powered by a built-in integration with premium WordPress page builder plugin Visual Composer. It has over 250,000 direct sales in the Envato Market and powers over 1.5 million WordPress sites, but what’s so great about this plugin?

Visual Composer, as stated before, is a page builder plugin for WordPress. This means it allows anyone, regardless of their skill level in code and web design, to design and build their own web pages. It does this through elements and drag-and-drop actions. The user adds sections and columns to their page with the Visual Composer editor, which works on the back and frontend of your site, and drops elements into those sections and columns.

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14 Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Plugins for WordPress (WP Mayor)

WordPress page builder plugins make it possible for anyone to design and build their very own websites, regardless of their skill level in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. More and more theme developers are adding a boatload of options in the live theme customizer of their themes, but nothing compares to the feeling of having full and total control over the elements and designs used throughout your website, especially the homepage.

WordPress page builder plugins also give WordPress a competitive edge over all-in-one solutions, such as Squarespace. Simplifying the process of registering a domain, buying server space from a host and installing a content management system is a huge plus for most consumers, but what they’re truly interested in is the intuitive and easy-to-use site builder Squarespace comes with.

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6 Web Design Trends That Improve User Experience (Design Bombs)

Web design trends may seem like useless fads, but some actually have a huge impact on the user experience of a site. Designing a beautiful site is nice, especially if you come up with your own groundbreaking designs. It may even make your site more memorable to the user as they probably haven’t experienced a design quite like that before.

However, form without functionality is more or less useless, especially when it comes to web design. That’s why you must always consider how a trend might affect your site’s user experience before you consider incorporating it into your site’s overall design.

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How to Build a Community Website with WordPress (Elegant Themes)

Building a community website takes a lot of planning, work, and effort. You’ve probably considered, or at least wondered, if a WordPress plugin might be your best option, but it’s not always that simple.

For starters, WordPress may not even be the way to go. Check out Tom Ewer’s post on whether or not WordPress is the best option for building a community website if you’re still unsure of how you’ll be building your site.

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How to Create a Demo Website with the MotoPress Demo Builder Plugin (WPKube)

Offering a demo version of a product, such as a theme or plugin, is one of the simplest ways you can convince a customer to purchase a product. Your product page, testimonials, and video demonstrations can only do so much. Some customers want to actually feel what it’s like to use a product they’re interested in. A demo is the perfect way to offer this, and a demo builder plugin is one of the simplest ways to offer it inside of WordPress.

A demo builder plugin is something every WordPress developer, specifically those who offer their own themes and plugins, needs in their toolkit. It lets you install your product in the backend of a WordPress installation and add whatever content you need to make it look as though you’re using it on a well-established site.

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