I write content revolving around WordPress and online business.

Freelance Services

I've been freelancing since 2013. Feel free to hire me as a writer, blogger or ghostwriter. Click here to get in touch.

CHerry Creek Industries

I publish WordPress tutorials designed to teach novice bloggers and small business owners how to create better blogs and websites built for online business.

WordPress Blogger for Hire

Hello! I'm Lyn Wildwood. I'm a freelance blogger who writes about topics related to WordPress and online business. I specialize in writing plugin reviews, theme reviews and how-to articles. Feel free to visit the Portfolio section of my website to view examples of my work on my own website CherryCreekindustries.com as well as other websites.



  • WordPress How-To Tutorials
  • Plugin Overviews
  • Theme Overviews
  • WordPress Topics
  • Online Business Topics

My main area of expertise involves providing in-depth tutorials for novice WordPress users. I don't mind creating list posts, but I prefer to write content that teaches people how to do things rather than giving them empty suggestions.


  • Creating Email Courses
  • Coming Up with Email Opt-in Incentives

An email list is a powerful tool in Internet marketing. I use ConvertKit to create different email courses for the different types of people I attract to my site CherryCreekIndustries.com, and I don't mind writing email courses for clients as well.

Free email courses, such as a 10-Day Course on How to Start a Blog, work great as email opt-in incentives. Email courses can also be used  as ways to segment email lists by driving targeted content toward the different types of people websites attract.


  • WordPress How-To Tutorials
  • Plugin Overviews
  • Theme Overviews
  • WordPress Topics
  • Online Business Topics

Additional Skills

  • 2+ Years of Experience with Self-Hosted WordPress Sites
  • HTML & CSS in WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Image Editing
    • for screenshots in tutorials
    • for title images for posts
  • Experience with SEO and Keyword Research Using Long Tail Pro
    • experience with Yoast SEO
    • experience in using keywords without creating spammy content
    • knowledge in appropriate keyword placement, i.e. titles, H2 tags, alt texts, etc.
    • experience in optimizing inbound links and outbound links
  • Experience in various writing styles
    • Conversational tone
    • AP style
    • Different  variations of English
      • United States (native)
      • United Kingdom
      • Australia

Get in Touch

Interested in working with me? Here's how to contact me:

>Send an email to contact@lynwildwood.com or contact@cherrycreekindustries.com

>Fill out the contact form on my Hire Me page

>Send a direct message to my Twitter account @LynWildwood

>Send a message to the Lyn Wildwood Facebook Page

WordPress Tutorials, Online Business Topics & More


Cherry Creek Industries is a free educational platform that publishes free tutorials revolving around WordPress and online business. Topics include general tutorials, overviews for plugins, overviews for themes and more. The site's target audience is novice WordPress users and minipreneurs who can't afford to hire people to build their sites for them.